Doctrine CLI

SA3 modules use the Doctrine 2 ORM as the implementation of its persistence layer. Sometimes, it may be necessary to update doctrine's schema, clear its caches, or use some of doctrine's many other tools through the command line. The SA3 exposes doctrine's tools so developers can quickly access them.

List Available Doctrine Commands

A comprehensive list of doctrine's commands can be found in their documentation reference.

You can also view a list of available doctrine operations using the command below.

php app.php -c=doctrine -e=environment

Update Doctrine Schema

php app.php -c=doctrine -e=environment orm:schema-tool:update

Clear Doctrine Cache

// Clear metadata
php app.php -c=doctrine -e=environment orm:clear-cache:metadata

// Clear query cache
php app.php -c=doctrine -e=environment orm:clear-cache:query

// Clear result cache
php app.php -c=doctrine -e=environment orm:clear-cache:result

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