The following libraries and plugins have been used to power different parts of Site Administrator and the main theme it uses for its primary administrative interface.

Documentation and examples for each library or plugin can be found at each respective website. jQuery 2.0.3 jQuery UI 1.10.3 (Custom Build) Twitter Bootstrap 3.0.0 FontAwesome 3.2.1 LESS 1.4.1 Mustache Twitter Hogan.js Mustache.js Mustache for PHP Google Fonts "Open Sans" jQuery Flot Charts 0.8.1 jQuery Sparklines 2.1.2 Easy Pie Chart 1.2.5 jQuery Knob 1.2.0 Mindmup Wysiwyg Editor Toopay Markdown Editor 1.1.4 jQuery Validate 1.11.1 FuelUX 2.3.0 (Spinner, Wizard & Treeview) Dropzone.js 3.0 FullCalendar 1.6.4 jQuery ColorBox 1.4.27 jQuery dataTables 1.9.4 jQuery jqGrid 4.5.2 X-editable 1.4.6 Select2 3.4.2 jQuery Chosen 1.0.0 jQuery Masked Input 1.3.1 jQuery Input Limiter 1.3.1 jQuery AutoSize 1.17.7 Bootstrap Tags 2.2.5 Nestable Lists Bootstrap Colorpicker Bootstrap Datepicker Bootstrap Timepicker v0.2.3 Bootstrap DateRange Picker 1.2 Bootbox.js 4 jQuery Gritter 1.2 jQuery slimScroll 1.2.0 Spin.js 1.3.0 jQuery Mobile 1.3.2 (Custom Build) jQuery UI Touch Punch 0.2.2 Google Code Prettify ExplorerCanvas

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